Friday, January 21, 2011

Cathching up

I can not believe that it has been over a year since I wrote anything on here! I really need to get caught up on this thing!!! SOOOOO much has changed! I will get some pictures and get caught up soon!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Life Altering Decision

I thought that this decision deserved it's own post.

I am going to go to school for


I can not tell you how excited I am! I will be talking to CBC, the community college here, to start taking classes in the fall. I have only been talking about doing this forever but I got the push I needed recently and finally decided to go for it!

Thank you to my family for being such a wonderful insperation! I love you all tons!!!

Time Flys!!!

Man! Time gets past so fast that I loose track of it. Things have been pretty busy with the Holidays, moving, and the girls coming to visit. I will do a quick overview and then try to post pics later.

The end of November was spent packing and cleaning to get ready to move into a rental house. Then Thanksgiving in Oregon with the family. It was great! Claire has such a blast playing with Todd and Andrew she talks about them all of the time. Dad and Mom took us up in to the mountains to see some snow and Claire had fun for the few seconds we were in it.

Moving on your own with a 2 year old in freezing weather is GREAT! I have the best husband ever! He pretty much moved everything by himself. Talk about feeling guilty. Thank you babe!

We had so much fun for Christmas! The sisters came to visit. Sissy and sister as they have become known. They did not get a moment of peace while they were here cause Claire wanted to be with them every second! It was so wonderful having all of them here together to see all of the Oregon family.

In all it has been a busy fast few months. I am so happy to be in a house with a little more manuvering room. I will get my things in order soon I hope and I will add some pics and post more soon.

To everyone in Texas, I miss you all very very much! I love you all tons!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Claire had a blast. We were a little nervous being in a new area so we decided to have Claire dress to pass out the candy. We ended up with 1, yes I said ONE trick or treator. She was a beautiful Snow White and Claire got a hug from her. It was so cute!

Claire made the CUTEST dragon ever!

Happy Birthday Mark!

Mark's birthday is October 24th but I am still playing catch up for October.

Mark's parents came for the weekend for good times, good food, and lots of memories for both of our birthdays. In all it was a great weekend. Not only did we get to celebrate our birthdays but further insured our pride and love for our oldest Mariah.

In my infinite wisdom I did not get any pictures of the weekend. We love you mom & dad! It was a great weekend!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fishing in Washington

A few weeks ago we loaded up and went to meet Mom & Dad for some good times and fishing. We met at Claire's adopted grandparents "fishing shack". Not a shack at all! Let the good times begin. We got there at 11:30 at nite just to wake everyone in the house.

After a couple hours of sleep we got up early with the fishermen. Off they went and Claire & I stayed with Grandma and Grandma Doreen. Claire and grandma made rice crispy treats, yummy!

Then we got a call from the "guys" and Mark had caught a keeper. We had a wonderful weekend, good memories, good food, and great friends!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

See you in our dreams Grams!

"Why are you crying Daddy?"

How do you explain to a two year old the loss of a loved one? The only thing that I could think to tell Claire was that she is so loved and so blessed that God decided she needed to have another gaurdian angel to take care and watch over her.

Grandma Lee was a wonderful person. She was true and honest and a true blessing to have in your life. I met her not to long after my Grandma was called home. Maybe that is why there was such a strong bond so quickly. I really think that it was just because she was such an amazing person and I loved and enjoyed every minute that I got to spend with her.

Thanks be to God that he changed our path to moving to Washington. This allowed the time for Claire to get to know Grandma Lee. What a pair!

The weekend before she passed away we were in OR to spend time with the family. Claire loves to play with the phone and had said she wanted to call Grams. After dinner clean up began and all but Claire were in the kitchen. Claire found the phone and called Grams... How in the world did she manage that? Who knows but how fitting. That was the best for Grams and we all got a kick out of it!

We love you Grams! I will not say goodbye but we will see you in our dreams!